July 31, 2009

First Time

As this is the first time i wrote on my blog, i want to share that today is the first time i made a doll !
After many stitches, can't believe i've done it !
It should be a monkey doll, but.. the shape doesn't look like a monkey after all. :(
anyway, it's good enough for "the first time doll maker" like me.
FYI, i made that "monkey should be" doll just for my honey. wish he'll like it eventhough it's a lil bit messed up. :p


I know I'm kinda "out-of-date" because I'm just started blogging right now. haha
don't know what to write at the moment, but I'll start to write here ASAP ( if I'm in the mood, of course :p)
so that's it for the introduction of my blog.

See ya !