December 28, 2010

Christmas and (almost) New Year Post

Even it's 3 days late, i still want to say Merry Christmas ! :D i spent my Christmas day by going to church and having lunch with my family. Small things but i feel the joy of it. Hope this Christmas brings all the happiness and blessings for us. :)

And 2010 will be over very soon. I feel like this year flies TOO fast.
In 2010 :
-i have my first anniversary with my bf
-got my DSLR camera
-i've graduated from my diploma of commerce
-i've been studying in Australia for a year
-i'm turning 18
-i'm working for the very first time (i was helping my friend as a wedding organizer, i did my best though i know it wasn't perfect).

Those are the things which i remember as the most important ones. I'm also accomplished some of my 2010 resolutions. Well, now i'm still thinking about 2011 resolutions. :)


December 20, 2010

Christmas Atmosphere

I've been abandoned my blog for a while since i've really no idea what to write, i'm started to feel bored with my words --". Anyway, it's 5 days to go to Christmas. I loveeee Christmas atmosphere ! <3

Last but not least,


December 09, 2010

Old Uniform, Old Town and Christmas Tree

Wednesday : Me and my friend have been planning this for so long : doing a photo shoot wearing our high school uniform. And we did it this noon. I just miss how we used to wear that :)

Monday : Finally i was able to meet them. Due to university things, it's like soooo hard to gather them all to hang out.

All in all, i wish i could turn back time to high school moments. Where most of the things seemed so easy, especially to meet you guys...


December 02, 2010

Yeay ! :)

prisscil-me-rosa :)

What a long gap since my last post, well anyway i was going out with my friends last weekend. I'm so looking forward to have another fun with you guys ! :)