January 23, 2012


Had abandoned this blog for a pretty long time when suddenly one of my buddies reminded me to keep writing. Then I said to him that my life has been too boring to be told. Haha.
Oh well, i'm here eventually. Writing another random stuffs and trying to change my blog into some kind of photography-blog. I guess.

Life is all about ups and downs.
Sometimes, people tend not to appreciate for what they have in life. They just know they have it but MAYBE they never thought that they could lose it someday.

People (including me, of course), gotta be more thankful for whatever He has given to us. Only by that way, we could avoid living in such a regretful life. Life is too short to be wasted. :)

Life is not all about pressures. Never ever let anyone ruins your life. In this case, I mean, don't pity yourself too much because of some mistakes. We all human, we all make mistakes for sure. Don't let anyone blames you too much and stress yourself for whatever happened. One thing we gotta do, learn from our own mistakes if we're too stubborn to learn from others'. :p
So get up, fix yourself and live your life to the fullest. Not to forget your responsibilities in life (to finish your degree for a student, for instance).

Sometimes we keep asking ourselves, "what's the meaning of life?", "what's the purposes of our existence?". Well, for me, the answer depends on yourself. Depends on how you see the life itself. If, for whatever reasons, you are living in such a fake situations; where all you do is lying, faking around about yourself, etc, you might see you life worse than others or you might see yourself living in such a fake life. Why I'm writing this, is just I wanna tell you, be who you are and be proud of it. Then you might see life as a wonderful thing. Be positive. :)

Life is random. That's why I'm back and writing all these stuffs in this blank box. We'd never know what will happen next. haha.
What I just wrote was totally my opinion. No offense at all. :)

Have a good day.
and Happy Chinese New Year !! :)
Now, I'm off to family gathering.