October 26, 2009

Today's Quote

" I am getting CRAZY and STRESS ! "

October 23, 2009


Yesterday was the orientation day in QIBT.
mainly asian people there.
i'm the only one who comes from Indo !

Anyway, we just sat down and listened what the lecturer said yesterday about the campus, and did our timetable.
also there was a BBQ in the noon.

*still, i wanna go home. still, cant get used to it

Dear Pwincezz Monica ;p

Happy Birthday my beloved friend, Claire Monica Kosasih.

really2 wanna be there with u on ur 17th bday. u know, we were always together when it comes to our bday as our bday is just different 3 days !
but i'm here for wishing u all the best.

Have a blast ! :)

No matter how the distance separate us, we'll be friends forever.

Love Ya !

ps. October 22nd, 2009

October 19, 2009


I'm saddddddddddd. 17th october is my saddest day ever !
monica,melody,prisscil,rosa,silvy,my bf,my cousin,my sis and fam were coming to airport.
some of them were crying, i was trying not to cry too at that time because i didn't want to make them more sad.
i realized i can't live without them.
gonna miss u guys a lottt.  

Happy Sweet 17th to ME !

Already in brisbane by the way. Only celebrate my birthday with my mom and dad. But, i've got many special presents.
Honestly, i've been crying since i arrived here til today. yes, today, my bday. ;(
feel a bit uncomfortable and strange here. "I wanna go home", that thought always in my mind.
I know, my parents, my friends, and my bf, or all people around me wish me luck and success here, hope i can be, i'll try my best . :)

here are the present that i got from my friends,my bf,my cousin,my sis, and my housemate too :)

From Dessy

From Melody

From my sister

From Monica

From Juni

From my bf, Steven

Many special things inside the box, see this :

He said that's the first necklace he chose by his own.

Card from cindy & meli

From dessy & her boyfriend

From Ci Tina

From Ci Shelvi

From Ci Putu

From Ci Vera

From Ci Uwi

From Ko Johanes

From Ike

From Rosa, tarzanKu ! ;p

From Prisscil

From Juni

From Melody

From Monica

From my cousin, Dennis

From my bf's mom

And finally from my beloved bf, steven, my honey :D

Each card has one star :) He told me to count the stars and it was 16. Why ? because the 17th star is me, the birthday girl. Love to know that.

His own shirts. When i miss him, i can smell his scent from those shirts. So i can feel he's here with me.

This dvd contains the video happy birthday to me and the wishes from my 3 best friends, monica juni and melody.

Addition : i've got a birthday card from my housemate too. :)