December 26, 2009

Sweet Christmas

Merry Christmas !

Wish you all the good things in this christmas. God bless you :)
Have a very wonderful christmas everyone !

Anyway, i'm home. finally. :)
yes, i just arrived on 7 WIB this evening. soooo happy. feel good to be home. This is my best christmas present ever. <3

December 23, 2009

Gold Coast

I've been to gold coast two times since last week,

The first one was last sunday. I went to gold coast to do some shopping with shinta and youjin. we were going to harbour town and surfers paradise. Too bad it was raining all day, so we couldn't play at the beach for so long.

Well, i went to Sea World in gold coast again with ariel today. it was fun ! :D Anyway, my skin is getting burn. so hot today. well, never mind, at least it wasn't raining as last sunday. i still enjoyed this day. <3

What a day ! <3


December 22, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today is a Mother's Day in indonesia.
I wish HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to every moms. lol

Especially for my dearest mom,
I'm thanking you for everything you've done to me. It can't be counted by anything. Your love is more than i can have, more than i expect, it's beyond the words. I'm not there on this day, but you should know you always in my heart.
Thank you mom :)

I Love You

Thoughts Thoughts Thoughts

Honestly, i feel bad these days because some things unexpected have happened. Trying to forget it by having fun with my friends. :)
Well, you know, sometimes you should have MORE patient that you have ever thought before. Especially when it comes to people who you are working with. Perhaps, i'm not that kind of "patient"-person, thus i'm trying my best, but everyone has a limit ! As i feel these days, i really can't be more calm with people who are not having a responsibility to others. I feel sorry about them. Wish they can think what they have done, well at least they can do a skill that i call "LISTENING". People need to be listened, guys ! Not only you who live in this world, though. They should learn what we call as responsibility.

Forget about "those" people.

Hey, Christmas is coming. Should be happy then ! :D
I'm really waiting for christmas. yeayy. soo excited. feels like wanna jump around. haha

Anyway, i'm thinking about new year. It seems this year is passing so fast. I still remember clearly what i did last year. Every year i have some resolutions to reach. Not all of them i've got in this year, but i will try again next year. :)
I will tell my 2010 resolutions later. *actually, i'm still thinking about


December 18, 2009

Stupidity in Mind

"Sometimes a person who was really closed to you, just forgot about you easily.
Even you're still remember about them so clearly.
Perhaps, you're not supposed to remember them that much, because it will end up with hurt."

A Week Before Going Home

Hmm, how should i start to write this. I went to Christmas light with my homestay, my housemate, and Shinta on wednesday. It wasn't like what i've expected, but it was quiet nice. We saw many houses with christmas lamps, it was sooo bright. They decorated their house as pretty as they can.

Anyway, shinta is moving out to her aunt's house today. It means she won't live near my homestay anymore. 我会想念你。小心. ;D

7 days to go. yess !


December 13, 2009

Can't Wait !

Today, i didn't go to movie world for some reason. hehe. But the good news is i've got the ticket already to go home. Well, different airlines though, but i don't care. yeayy
Can't wait to 25th December. Sooo exciteddd !<3

Nothing's better than being home


December 10, 2009

What a December

This december is a very tiring month because of those exams and assessments.

however, I've finished my academic assessment. yeayy. hope i don't need to fix it later. I've also finished most of my exams, the rest is only accounting on tuesday. I'm planning to go to Gold Goast this sunday. :D. well, eventhough i must study for my accounting exam on saturday.

by the way, my plane's ticket is still in waiting list. how sucks ! :(

All i want for Christmas is going home.

fyi : i will be having my holiday only for 10 days. poor me.

December 07, 2009

Well, It's Monday

"Everything goes wrong on monday !"

Another stupidity today. haha. me, Shinta, and my housemate, Julia, was walking to the bus stop in the morning as usual. And we thought, we were late, so we were a bit hurry to the bus stop. But, no, we weren't late, the bus had not come yet. We also meet a new friend, a girl from Thailand, Niorn. She always waits at the same bus stop as us. :). Then, 1 indian woman just came and sit next to us. So, there were 5 people at the bus stop. We were just talking to each other, seemed like nothing will happen.

Niorn : "so, you're doing diploma, are u ? how long it's gonna take ?"
Me : " hmm, 8 months"
Julia : "So, you're doiing diploma now ?!"
Me : " Yup"
Shinta : " ini gimana sih closing entriesnya ?"
Me : "ini emang uda rumusnya shin."
Indian woman : "oh, look, the bus"
the bus : passing us. no one saw it, thus so one hail to the bus driver.
Me : "hah?"
Julia, Shinta, & Niorn : "what? yes the busss"

well, the point is, we missed the bus ! we will be late if we were waiting for the next bus. We decided to WALK to the Garden City, this is where we usually change the bus to go to school, i didn't know how many kms we walked. all i know was we walked for about 1,5 hours !
My feeling ? Dying !
it was a reaaallyyy hot day. Sun was shining to us. tired, sweating. *lebay. haha

on the way

Finally, we reached garden city. but.. we still late ! when we arrived to campus, we still have to climb up to the building. except niorn, we separated on garden city because she was taking another bus.

we made it !!

niorn & me

And, we reached onthe campus with safe and sound. haha. Me and julia were late, and Shinta had her exam as soon as she got into the class. Tiring day.

that's my story. today's learn "watch the bus carefully !".

nice to meet you, Niorn . :)


December 05, 2009

Pasca-academic&marketing ;p

Finally, i'd finished academic and marketing tests. I have 2 more exams, but at least those 2 hard tests had passed. lol :)

Well, i need a haircut ASAP !

this noon, i went to the city (again) with youjin and shinta.

And i bought this :

Yes. weight scale ! haha. i really need this here, so i can control what i'm eating. i don't wanna gain any more fat ;p

Have a nice weekend guys. :)


December 02, 2009

Christmas is in the Air

Welcomeee December !
i should have post this yesterday, but i forgot. Anyway, the time is running so fast. It seems like i just pass the last december. haha.
FYI, i love christmas' mood. It makes me happy. :D And hope 25th December will come soon. i'll go back to Indo and spend my '10 days' holiday there. God, please let me get the ticket.

Oops, time to go to campus, or i'll miss the bus.