November 22, 2010


Posting this blog from my lovely hometown, Jakarta :) Finally arrived on last friday. And i'm sick of being on a plane for about 7 hours ! Well anyway, one thing i hate while i'm home is i'm gaining weight instead of losing it. Damn :(

i was chopping my hair. and that is the result (taken by Steven Halim)

Anyway, i miss this town so damn much but i miss brissy at the same time :)


November 16, 2010


It's been a long time i didn't click on the "new post" button. Well, here i am. I've done all my exams yesterday and trying to calm myself down while waiting for the results. I'm soooo worried with one subject. And i need a long long sleep. Exams seized my precious sleeping time ! But anyway, let's not talk about that :p.

I'll be back to Indo this Friday. I miss home for sure. However, i'm currently not feeling like going back. I'm not as excited as before. Well, the reason is simply because i'm afraid. NOT that afraid for like natural disaster or whatsoever, but i'm afraid for other things. Such as, hmm 'social pressure' ? I don't really know how to explain about what i feel, it's just complicated. I feel like, being forgotten ? Or maybe this is just because the influence of my hormones (baca: labil) :p. Sometimes i prefer to stay here and not to worry about anything else beside university stuffs. Life is just too perplexed these days.

Okay, sorry for that too long rambling. :D Lets enjoy the holiday. wohoo !

ps. i want to make my hair longer (again)