June 21, 2010

A Post From Home

Wow, finally my another post :p. It's been like a week since my last post. Anyway, i'm home now ! I've reached indo last wednesday. How i miss them so much. :)

On Friday i went to Grand Indonesia with a friend of mine ;). We took this photobox at Iconlife that is located in Blitz Megaplex.

On Sunday i did some photoshoots with some friends. Well, i think we chose the wrong place and the wrong date. Because when we reached to Kota Tua , it was sooooooo effing crowded :(, thus we moved to somewhere else.

I'm still waiting for another having fun with my friends :D

June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday My Beloved Cousin

Happy 18th Birthday to my cousin, Dennis !

I'm wishing you :
* to be more mature
* wiser
* success for your study
* awet-awet with your gf :p
* makin di sayang sama family
* and everything the best for your life !

Miss ya ! hope to see you soon.


June 13, 2010

Seaworld (again) at Gold Coast

Another saturday yesterday i was going to seaworld with my friends. The weather was effing cold yesterday even though there was a sunshine shining so bright. err.. Anyway, well nothing much to tell i guess. These are the pictures from seaworld :)

xoxo :)

June 12, 2010

Welcome Holiday

I've (finally) finished my final exam on Thursday. Hope the result won't disappoint me next week. :p

Anyhow, today i was going with my friends to have lunch at Turkey's Restaurant. It was yummy. Then at the night, we joined salsa dance which is held every friday night at city.

salami su-ju something.. err.. i don't remember the same since it was written on turkish language. :p
chicken something (again)
barramundi something :p
my friend took this picture when i was laughing. omg

I've also took some pictures of Brisbane city at night view ;)

Well, i LOVE the feeling after exams. haha. Gonna be back at Indo at 16th of June. yeay :D


June 05, 2010

So Long Mimi

No. She couldn't make it. She's gone now. No more mimi. Bye bye my baby. We'll miss you.

24 april 2004 - 5 June 2010

Six years being with you since you were born, are being such a good time for us. Deep sleep, Mimi. at least no more pain for you. You and Dotty (my other dog which was lost a month before, which was Mimi's mom as well) will absolutely live forever in my heart.

Love you bunch ! <3


June 03, 2010

Be Strong Mimi ! :)

Get well soon my baby, Mimi. You are a naughty dog, i know you will get that through. Then 2 weeks later, i can hug youuuu ! I miss you mimi and the other "guys" at home too ! *smooch.

Well, i was so shocked when my parents told me that mimi is sick since she didn't want to eat anything. They brought her to the vet, and they said that there is something like an infection in her womb :(. She never ever had sick before. She eats well. The vet said mimi needs a surgeon. :'(. She has to recovery soon. I know she will !!

lotsa xoxo for my Mimi

June 02, 2010


These days i'm thinking to have some changes or sort of things since i feel that my life is sooooo flat lately. Yet, i haven't sure about my ideas.

*The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about changes is this blog. I mean, the way i use this blog. It's like sometimes i run out of idea what to type and what to say. haha. I guess i've reached the peak-boring-point. So, well i'm planning, again i'm still planning, to make the other blog for my fashion blog. Yeah i know it's not easy to be like everyone else that has been playing with fashion blog. I'll just give it a try on my holiday later on. haha. :)

*The second one is i'm thinking to make my hair long again as i used to be. For this one, it absolutely depends on my mood when going to the saloon. haha.

*The third one.. I'm thinking to join a gym. I really really really want to make my tummy flat again. omg. okay, maybe this is not counted as changes but gym-ing is a new thing for me. hahaha. We'll see what my parents will say when i'm asking for their permission. :p

*And the last one, i'm thinking to join some club in univ. I hope there will be a club that i'm interesting in. I mean like dance or cheers or photography ! haha. Or maybe a club that represents Indonesian students in Brisbane. :D

Just another bubbling of my thoughts.


June 01, 2010


Hello June. I feel like i haven't even passed May. Anyhow, i have 1 good news as well as 1 bad news for this month for myself such as, 2 weeks more to go home, but the exams will be starting next week.
Hope i do well.

Enjoy the 7th month of the year, guys !