April 30, 2010

I Am Today

Just finished studying for my statistics exam and i feel like wanna blogging :p

Long bangs & long-hair-gonna-be. Yeah. Haven't gotten a chance to cut my bangs and.. i'm gonna have a haircut again as soon as i get to indo !
I tie my hair most of the time. Since i cut my hair into short, i feel kinda uncomfortable if my hair is getting longer so i prefer to tie them up. Oh, and when my hair is getting longer like this, it's like having a bad hair day everyday, in other words it's like mess up. erghh.

Well, wish me luck for the exam tomorrow. :)
Good night, world. <3


In a Short Time

Sneaking some time while waiting for my class in the computer lab at my college. I'm pretty bored then i decided to type something (unimportant) here :p. Thinking random things since my mood is mixed up. A bit disappointed with one of my result is probably one of the reasons, eventho i gave the best effort that i have to do the test *damn*. Yeah, i just realized not everything that i wanted is always granted, and i hate that.

These days i've seen things that is unexpected. Life could be up and down, and this one may be the "down" one, perhaps.
Oops, i think my class is gonna start soon. Enough for this blabbing now. hehe.

ps. i miss my friends in indo. i just miss the usual jokes or whatsoever we always do.


April 29, 2010

When I Have (NO) Time for Myself

I think these weeks are gonna be the busiest week. Got some exams and essays until 2,5 weeks later. I've done some, but i still left some. I'm so tired. I feel that i don't have anytime to indulge myself, even there is a long weekend for 2 weeks in a row i still haven't got enough time to do all the assignments. Hope these weeks will be passed soon. I'm exhausted.

ps. anyway, they haven't found dotty yet. where are you ? :(

April 28, 2010

Looking for My Dotty

I've lost one of my dogs since yesterday. Her name is dotty, and she's a shihtzu breed. I'm so sad. She has been living with me since about 8 years ago. My mom and dad have been trying to find her by asking people and looking around. But she's nowhere to be found. So, pleaseeee and i'm begging someone find her and bring her safely home :(

ps. if i am home, i will try to find her a whole day everyday ! sucks i'm in oz now !!! :(. hope she's okay.

April 21, 2010

Awkward Situation

I call this awkward. Well, you can say i'm a bit panic as the micro economic's, which is the hardest subject for me, will be held on saturday. It takes too much tension from me. Yeah, my another stupidity. I will start studying, no more procrastinating, i wish.


April 17, 2010

Micro Economic on Sat Night !

Another saturday. Well, i went to a friend of my friend's party. Her son just turned 1 ! yeah, it's a birthday party. Too bad i couldn't take his picture since he was about to sleep not so long after we arrived. :( I just took one baby's picture on that party. haha. So hard to take pictures of them as they were always running around. After that, me and my friend just looking around there.

the birthday boy. i took this photo with my mobile a few days before his birthday party :)

the i-don't-know-who baby

Botanical Garden

I made some of my pictures to be black and white. I'm just trying to make it more classic. Successful or not ? :D
Well anyway, i wrote this blog while doing my economic's homework. Better to go now or i'll never done it. haha.


Another Night

I'm completely have no idea what to write in here. I just feel like i wanna type something here. Somehow, i've been thinking about life these days. I'm not the kind of girl who always appreciate everything that have been given to me. Yeah, i know i'm not supposed to do that. Well, according to me, i feel like it's better to ignore the things that i don't like instead of accept it but you know that you hate it. It's the same as you have to smiling when you feel like crying. I won't waste my life just for dealing with the things which i hate. hmm.. i think i wrote some kind of selfish blog at the moment. ;p

Well, let's move from that topic. When i was a child, i dreamt to be a flight attendant, a vet, or even a model. Actually, none of them came true. lol. Anyway, at this time i can say i don't exactly know what my dream is. That's why i think it's better to be a kid. Full of imagination and no one can stops you. As we grow up, we deal with a lot of things, or maybe too much things which make the imagination useless, or even gone. Sometimes i'm thinking, where are those imaginations which made my dream ? Why they are gone ? It might be still somewhere in your mind, but it's like.. not as strong as when i was a child. I'm wondering, if we could have our "kid imagination", do you think it would be better ?

This blog is so mixed up. Probably because it's a late night and i should sleep right now ! :D
Well, have a good weekend guys.


April 09, 2010

Before I Hit My Bed

I saw a friend with her boyfriend today. They look so happy. I can see how much their faces show their feelings. I envy them. I can't believe i say (or write) that. Probably you will find my blog seems to be a bit pathetic lately. My mood is like up and then down, i can feel different feeling at the same time. It's kinda weird, i know. Omg, i miss when he's around. Miss his scent. Miss when we're talking and laughing NOT only on the screen. Miss everything i did with him. I just miss him. :(
I feel so random. Well, sorry for my boring post. It's late now. Gotta sleep then will start a new day tomorrow. Nitey nite, guys !


When BBQ Meets Sunburn

It's Friday and i was having a BBQ party in the afternoon with some friends at South Bank. We decided to have a BBQ party since our Easter holiday will be over soon. Yeah, bad news for students. I was really full and i got sunburnt ! "Good "match huh. Well, it should be autumn now but today was very hot and shiny, that's why my skin is getting tan these days. Anyway, we ate sausages the most. BBQ without sausages won't be complete, isn't it ? :D. It was pretty much fun, indeed.

Will this fun be over soon ? Should i be so ready to go back to the routine ? Well, that's life anyway.


April 07, 2010

1 Year and 1 Month

Let me count somethig.. hmm..
Since 2007, so it means it's been 3 years. I never realized that we've known each other for that long. I keep wondering this weird question, "why don't we just got together at that time if we both know that we will be together even it's 2 years later since we've met ?" But never mind, i'm glad to be yours. Glad that you are the one who's filling my days and nights. Well,
happy 13th month !

picture from honey :)

He uploaded that picture on facebook. Little thing, big meaning for me . I miss you honey. I really do.

Love ya !

What Can I Say ?

I don't find any more polite words than the way i'm expressing my feeling now. Well, i'm upset. In other words, yeah i'm pissed off. I may should be the one who follows. But hey i have my own will. Why you should be that selfish while i often follow everything that you wanted. This is the last time i'm trying to be calm (again), don't blame me if you won't find me act nicely anymore. I'm just tired and you can say, i'm angry. That's it. Pardon my unusual blog anyway ;p

April 04, 2010

It's About a Long Distance Relationship

Sometimes it's pressured me. Well, besides the "phones-call-credit" matter, there are heaps of reasons. When i really really really need him, he's not around (literally). When i miss him, i couldn't hug or even touch him. There's some times that i MUST meet him. I know this is a tough thing to do for both of us. But at least i know we're just skype or chat away.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder" -unknown.

Happy Easter


This year i don't celebrate my Easter day with my family. Honestly, it's a bit sad as i used to go to church with them. But anyway, let's hope with this Easter day, God will brings us more blessings. :)

chocolate bunny from my homestay mom. :)


April 03, 2010

Movie World

It was fun ! Well, i went to movie world today with my friends. The weather was good- not too hot, but not raining, and it wasn't too crowded. So yes it was perfect ! :) We played almost everything. We laughed a lot too ! Omg, this is a real good refreshment for me ! Actually, i've been there twice. The first was on 2008. But i was still enjoyed to play those attractions. :)

the favourite one, Scooby-Doo :)

on the way back to Brisbane. so tired ;p
XOXO' ssss

April 02, 2010

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday ! :)
I got 10 days off from campus. Gonna have lotsa fun with my friends in this holiday.
Well, today i went to the movies and ate lunch with my friend. We ate nachos this noon at Beach House. So yumyyyyy ! Then, we watched Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang. This movie was so funny. Well, comparing to the first one, i like the first movie more. But still, it's a good movie to watch.

Hope you guys have a GREAT holiday !

April 01, 2010

Been Fooled

He lied to me. AGAIN. He really made me upset as i was trusted him.
Well, what can i say ? He did it successfully.



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