December 28, 2010

Christmas and (almost) New Year Post

Even it's 3 days late, i still want to say Merry Christmas ! :D i spent my Christmas day by going to church and having lunch with my family. Small things but i feel the joy of it. Hope this Christmas brings all the happiness and blessings for us. :)

And 2010 will be over very soon. I feel like this year flies TOO fast.
In 2010 :
-i have my first anniversary with my bf
-got my DSLR camera
-i've graduated from my diploma of commerce
-i've been studying in Australia for a year
-i'm turning 18
-i'm working for the very first time (i was helping my friend as a wedding organizer, i did my best though i know it wasn't perfect).

Those are the things which i remember as the most important ones. I'm also accomplished some of my 2010 resolutions. Well, now i'm still thinking about 2011 resolutions. :)


December 20, 2010

Christmas Atmosphere

I've been abandoned my blog for a while since i've really no idea what to write, i'm started to feel bored with my words --". Anyway, it's 5 days to go to Christmas. I loveeee Christmas atmosphere ! <3

Last but not least,


December 09, 2010

Old Uniform, Old Town and Christmas Tree

Wednesday : Me and my friend have been planning this for so long : doing a photo shoot wearing our high school uniform. And we did it this noon. I just miss how we used to wear that :)

Monday : Finally i was able to meet them. Due to university things, it's like soooo hard to gather them all to hang out.

All in all, i wish i could turn back time to high school moments. Where most of the things seemed so easy, especially to meet you guys...


December 02, 2010

Yeay ! :)

prisscil-me-rosa :)

What a long gap since my last post, well anyway i was going out with my friends last weekend. I'm so looking forward to have another fun with you guys ! :)


November 22, 2010


Posting this blog from my lovely hometown, Jakarta :) Finally arrived on last friday. And i'm sick of being on a plane for about 7 hours ! Well anyway, one thing i hate while i'm home is i'm gaining weight instead of losing it. Damn :(

i was chopping my hair. and that is the result (taken by Steven Halim)

Anyway, i miss this town so damn much but i miss brissy at the same time :)


November 16, 2010


It's been a long time i didn't click on the "new post" button. Well, here i am. I've done all my exams yesterday and trying to calm myself down while waiting for the results. I'm soooo worried with one subject. And i need a long long sleep. Exams seized my precious sleeping time ! But anyway, let's not talk about that :p.

I'll be back to Indo this Friday. I miss home for sure. However, i'm currently not feeling like going back. I'm not as excited as before. Well, the reason is simply because i'm afraid. NOT that afraid for like natural disaster or whatsoever, but i'm afraid for other things. Such as, hmm 'social pressure' ? I don't really know how to explain about what i feel, it's just complicated. I feel like, being forgotten ? Or maybe this is just because the influence of my hormones (baca: labil) :p. Sometimes i prefer to stay here and not to worry about anything else beside university stuffs. Life is just too perplexed these days.

Okay, sorry for that too long rambling. :D Lets enjoy the holiday. wohoo !

ps. i want to make my hair longer (again)


October 24, 2010

Sunday .

In certain circumstances, i feel like sometimes i gotta go out from my 'safe point'. And i did. Not in a bad way though. And i found some excitement again. But some little thing keep disturbing my mind. I don't really know what is that, but i can feel it. It could be a feeling that i should not ever feel or i would regret that later on. I don't know how to convince myself about this feeling. A part of myself tells me to get rid of it while the other don't. This is exactly another randomness of me. Dang !

Anyway, i just moved to new homestay since yesterday. Hope it will be going well :)

pict of the day :p

October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME :)

It's my 18th birthday. Finally i'm being legal :p. Nothing much to say but i'm very thankful to God who's still allowing me to enjoy this life until now. And also to my beloved mom and dad, my bf, my best friends, and all the people who give their greetings to me. I feel so blessed. :). I'm not wishing for the best, but i wish to be better than before. :)
Since i celebrate my birthday in oz, i feel like there's something missing. My loved ones back home are just not here beside me. Anyway, thanks for all the wishes and presents :) Thanks God for everyday and every single time in my life.


October 17, 2010

It's a Year !

Today is officially a year i've been studying in Australia, well not literally "one year" since i went home few times before :p. Anyway, i still remember clearly the first time i came here. Omigod, i felt like i was gonna die, home sick, and i faced the environment that wasn't just like what i expected before. The first few months were the hardest part. But i can make it til now, i graduated from my diploma with well GPA. Then at the moment i gotta study harder for the upcoming university exams. blah. Wish i can do well on my university and graduate on time on July 2012 (okay, this is a must !). One thing i can't get rid of my mind even though i've been here for a year.. home. :)


October 10, 2010


It's october already and it's not so long until my birthday. Somehow, i feel afraid of growing up since grow up means more responsibilities. I feel like i just wanna stay this way forever, when i can still counting on my parents, having fun with my peeps, and doing what i wanna do. Well anyway, life must goes on and i should not walk on the same path anymore, even if i don't want to.

And by the way, these are some pictures of my spring break, which was like more than a week ago.

and some random captures :)

Last but not least, i miss him a lot


September 23, 2010

Holiday with Mom and Dad

Mom and dad are here ! yes in brisbane. yeay ! They come here due to my mid semester holiday, which is only for 10 days. I'm absolutely happy, but i feel guilty and mad at the same time because i still have to do assignments on holiday. Well, it's a group work assignments, and if they were willing to finish it before holiday, surely i can have my super holiday with mom and dad. :( i'm stuck with the assignments because of group work. How pity :( I'm wondering, if they want to do assignments on holiday, so do it themselves ! they should consider about others who have another plans. I don't know why they really like to leave everything behind until few days away from due date. I hate that. Especially, if our partner don't wanna corporate in the group work. Ke laut aja deh sana ! *can't help to speak indonesian if i'm mad. Sorry for another rambling. I just feel a bit tired with these hectic things.


September 19, 2010

Day & Night

It's sunday. And i spend my weekend staying in my homestay. Why ? because of those assignments that killing me (not) softly. I'll have a week holiday next week and my parents are coming ! yeay. but i still have those assignments that should be finished just after the holiday. It means, i still have to do those shitty stuffs on holiday and i can't enjoy the quality time with my mom and dad. I'm exhausted. :( I need my free time. I mean, FREE time without any homeworks to do.


September 05, 2010

Dawn Post

Actually, i'm currently in webcam with my bf. He's having supper right now so i gotta wait ;). Well, i've been to Riverfest with some peeps on saturday evening. That place was effing crowded. Even we were barely walked there. However, the fireworks was nice and worth enough to wait for. Too bad i was standing a bit far from the fireworks, and those trees blocked me to see it clearly.

Before that, i watched Beauty and The Beast 3D on cinema. It was like, i was back in my childhood memories, when i was still imagined about prince and princess. haha. How i miss it. When the hardest choices was still "which doll i would buy ?". :)

Anyway, welcoming Spring season ! wohoo. No more freezing days. No more thick jackets. Hello shorts. Hello t-shirts. Hello flip-flops ! :D


September 03, 2010

Bear Stories

I've been in love with teddy bears since i was a kid beside a baby doll that can drink milk and say "mommy":p.


Friday the 3rd

Don't have any class today, nothing to do. I don't feel like to do those assignments. Really wanna go somewhere today but my friends are having classes. Darn ! Well anyway, tomorrow i'll be going to Riverside Festival, yeay ! Even i desperately have to study for my mid exams, at least there will be some refreshments before it starts (on monday). blah.

Currently indulging myself with these :


August 29, 2010


Another roll of my lomo. Another trial and error. *sigh*

my bf funny face hahaha :p

another burnt pict


People Changes. Am i ?

Randomly looking on their facebook profiles. And realize that people do change. I'd admit that sometimes i'm just afraid of changes. Unexpected things that could change a whole life. It's like we are just started to live our own life. I miss those old good times. :)

some random capture of myself with self timer. :p

Anyway, it's almost at the end of August. And i'm gonna face mid exam next week. Argh. I really don't have any ideas about those subjects whatsoever. Hope i'll do well, just like before.