October 24, 2010

Sunday .

In certain circumstances, i feel like sometimes i gotta go out from my 'safe point'. And i did. Not in a bad way though. And i found some excitement again. But some little thing keep disturbing my mind. I don't really know what is that, but i can feel it. It could be a feeling that i should not ever feel or i would regret that later on. I don't know how to convince myself about this feeling. A part of myself tells me to get rid of it while the other don't. This is exactly another randomness of me. Dang !

Anyway, i just moved to new homestay since yesterday. Hope it will be going well :)

pict of the day :p

October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME :)

It's my 18th birthday. Finally i'm being legal :p. Nothing much to say but i'm very thankful to God who's still allowing me to enjoy this life until now. And also to my beloved mom and dad, my bf, my best friends, and all the people who give their greetings to me. I feel so blessed. :). I'm not wishing for the best, but i wish to be better than before. :)
Since i celebrate my birthday in oz, i feel like there's something missing. My loved ones back home are just not here beside me. Anyway, thanks for all the wishes and presents :) Thanks God for everyday and every single time in my life.


October 17, 2010

It's a Year !

Today is officially a year i've been studying in Australia, well not literally "one year" since i went home few times before :p. Anyway, i still remember clearly the first time i came here. Omigod, i felt like i was gonna die, home sick, and i faced the environment that wasn't just like what i expected before. The first few months were the hardest part. But i can make it til now, i graduated from my diploma with well GPA. Then at the moment i gotta study harder for the upcoming university exams. blah. Wish i can do well on my university and graduate on time on July 2012 (okay, this is a must !). One thing i can't get rid of my mind even though i've been here for a year.. home. :)


October 10, 2010


It's october already and it's not so long until my birthday. Somehow, i feel afraid of growing up since grow up means more responsibilities. I feel like i just wanna stay this way forever, when i can still counting on my parents, having fun with my peeps, and doing what i wanna do. Well anyway, life must goes on and i should not walk on the same path anymore, even if i don't want to.

And by the way, these are some pictures of my spring break, which was like more than a week ago.

and some random captures :)

Last but not least, i miss him a lot