July 20, 2010

Here I Am Again and Again

In Brisbane already. And i am speechless. Thank you. Whatever.

*stupid babble from me.


July 16, 2010


I was doing some photo-shoots few days ago, since i didn't know what to do to spend my day. So i went to the old city (Kota Tua) with my bf. :)

Thanks to my bf who took those pictures.

p.s : the last 2 pictures were taken in a mall's park. The security said we could take picture there, but 5 minutes later they said we couldn't. Hmm.. but anyway, at least i've got some :p.

p.s.s : due to the inconvenience (because of the wind), i changed my skirt into leopard legging :p


July 14, 2010

Time, Please Be Nice to Me

What a holiday ! Thank's God, You give me chances to feel this happiness, surrounding with the love ones, and having such a great life. Then i let God do the rest in my life by His will. :)

Anyway, i was spending my last weekend in Bandung with mom, dad, and my bf.

By the way, i'll be back to oz next monday. I don't want this to end. Not the holiday, but the time when i can be with people i love at HOME. Sometimes, i just regretted my decision of choosing study in overseas. Didn't i think the consequences at that time ? Did i ever realize how hard it is ? Well, no one can change the past, thus i should have being so ready to face all of it. This is not the first time i feel like this, but i'm still scared.

So time, please be nice to me.


July 06, 2010

Quick Catch Up

Okay, i've been so lazy to write a blog. My bad. So, let's see what was happened ;)

* I was going on a trip with my bf and his fellows
* I was going to here and there to meet my friends.
* Watching World Cup for sure.

Simple but makes me busy enough. Here's the sneak peak (well, it's not actually a sneak peak, it's just because i'm too lazy to upload too many pictures :p)

some photoshoots with monica and juni. by my bf :)
at Candi Borobudur, Jogjakarta
this is what i captured at that moment :)
photoshoots again with melody, monica and juni. by my bf again ;p

So, have a great holiday guys !


p.s : gaining weight and my tummy is getting.. umh.. bigger ? sh*t!