February 26, 2010

Thursday Thing

Gotta back to oz tomorrow. sucks ! :(
Well anyway, i was finally met rosa yesterday as she couldn't come on last friday.
Me, prisscil, and rosa were going to GI, walking around, chatting, and gossiping. Just like all the girls do when they meet each other. haha.
Trying smooch yogurt there and it taste yummy ! *i'm craving for it at the moment, actually.


February 21, 2010


Finally we got a chance to meet each other yesterday.
We had fun by karaoke-ing, and ended the day with seafood dinner.
yummmyyy :D

Too bad juni and rosa couldn't come, i'm really looking forward to see them SOON.



February 16, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day

I should have posted this yesterday. my excuse is because.. i forgot. :(
but anyway i was going to my mom's hometown for 3 days to celebrate chinese new year with my big family. It was fun hey :D
It's been 2 years since i came there, so i felt very happy to meet all of my families. I miss my grandma too !

And i didn't celebrate my valentine's day with my boyfriend, as he also went to his hometown. Maybe we will have a "late" valentine's day later. lol

Well, i think it's kinda funny that chinese new year and valentine were held at the same date. lol. It's like "which one do you prefer, money or love ?" *kidding ;)

It's not only about money or love, but it's about the joy it brings, isn't it ?

Have a GOOD day, guys !


February 13, 2010


He said : "i love your smile, and keep smiling for me"
I said : " :) "


February 12, 2010


Still learning the hardest camera that i've ever use. Those are some of the results. Not satisfying enough, but.. hey, i'll be better.. hopefully ;D


February 09, 2010

I'm Home :)

Well, it's a late post again but anyway i arrived Jakarta on sunday evening at 06.15 pm.
The first thing i ate was "ayam pemuda surabaya". haha. And today is the second day in my hometown. Kinda miss brisbane actually, but on the other side i feel like i don't wanna leave my home anymore. lol.
Too bad i still can't meet my friends, they are still busy as they are not in a holiday yet. Hope we can meet next week, guys. :)
I don't have any plan for today, maybe just chill out in my house. haha.

at least i met him already. *smooch :)

And her ! haha. and the other 3 "kids" at home :)

Have a g'day everyone !

February 05, 2010

Woohoo !

Exam is overr !!!! :)
Feel so relieve now.<3


February 04, 2010

Me on My Shopping Mood

One good thing for me to study overseas (from my parents' point of view) : rare of shopping

Anyway, this camera is something that i wanna buy this year, hopefully :p

Nikon D5000

Canon 500D

Should i take part time job to get one of these here ? lol

When i looked around on some clothing websites, i found these things. Aren't they cute ? :)

Actually, i want this high-waisted pants for so long. But i don't know why i haven't buy it lol

Well, i think my parents won't allow me to go home again because of my "bad" habit. :p


Smosh Epic Twilight Saga

Just got this youtube videos' link from my cousin.
Take a look for this deleted twilight scene made by them. lol
They are hilarious ! ;D

Part 1 here,
part 2 here,
and part 3 here

funny things to cheer your day up :)


February 01, 2010

The First Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to my dear niece,
Aubrey Madeleine Chandra

Hope she can be the best for her parents :)
Hope she will be a good girl and smart and full of blessings.
God bless you always , Aubrey

ii Angie :p

ps. 31st January 2010

The Month of Love

Hey, it's February already !
Anyway, this month.. what event do we have, Oh ! Chinese new year and valentine. And it will be in the same date, yes 14 of February.
Too bad i can't celebrate it with my bf, as we will out of town at that time.
Ohh i'm so excited i will be back to indo at 7th ! I really miss my family, my friends, and 'him' ! although i just back to indo on december. lol. it's hard to leave our home, isn't it ?

hmm let me looking back for a while. In the first month of the year, what did i do ? Well, my college life was not-so-ok last month. It seemed like not a good start of the year, huh ?! But, never mind. I wish i will be having good months for the rest of the year.

**psst, any idea what is the best present for valentine's day ? ;)