November 30, 2009

Today's Quote

" I wish i could turn back time. "

November 29, 2009

Another Saturday

Went to the city with shinta yesterday. We tried to eat on italian restaurant that youjin recommended for us. We both ordered spaghetti but different name or whatever. It was quite expensive. lol. Honestly, our pocket money for 2 days were just gone because of those spaghetti. :p
Anyway, the taste was good. :)



Then we walked around the city and south bank for taking pictures. Saturdays always crowded in the city.

We went home in the evening. A bit tiredddd. But it was fun to have a refreshment before mid-semester exam. Nooooo... !!


Printer oh printer...

I just bought a printer yesterday. Instead of back and forth to campus only for printing, i decided to buy for my own. BUT, because of this printer, i have to back and forth to the store.
Saturday morning, my housemom took me to the store with her car, after that i put the printer to her car. On the evening, after i came back from the city ( i went to the city yesterday with shinta ), i realized that the usb cable wasn't included on the printer. So, i thought i must be back to the store, and my housemom took me there (again). Arrived home, i opened the box, plug it, but it didn't work ! I spent many hours to wonder why. U know what, the usb cable was cut and it almost separated into 2 parts. damn it ! And today, sunday morning, my housemom took me there (AGAIN), and exchanged it to a new one. And it works now ! What a trouble.

Just 1 question, "who's stupid then ?"

November 26, 2009

Look What You've Done Sunshine !

Summer, always make my body turns into 2 colors = sunburnt
Especially for my feet because mostly i'm wearing shoes.

I'm sorry for my ugly feet or whatever. haha.

November 23, 2009

Alert !

Okay, i'm really really stress right now !
These are the causes :

* Mid-semester exam on next week (week 6)
* Business exercise 1 due date (monday, week 6)
* Language Development Program's presentation (wednesday, week 7)
* Business exercise 2,3,4 due date (monday, week 8)
* Academic skills assessment (monday, week 9)
* Marketing mini oral 2 (friday, week 9)

Ohh, week 9 must be the hardest part. that academic and marketing are freaking me out ! ;(

*another blabbing from me* :)

November 22, 2009

New Moon

I watched New Moon this noon ! Aaaa, Jacob looks hot with those muscles ! lol. Yet, Edward still so handsome and charming. Suddenly i fall in love with 2 boys. ;p
In this time, u'll see that Bella is falling in love with both of Jacob and Edward. So many romantic scene here. I don't wanna be a spoiler, haha. Just watch urself.
Anyway, the film was greattt. I really enjoyed it. Worth to watch !
Can't wait to see Eclipse :)


November 21, 2009

Makanan Indonesia

That's the name of the restaurant that i went this afternoon for lunch. Ha ! finally !
I went with Shinta and Ci Feby ( she's my cousin's friend ). The food was quite nice. :)
And then we were going to Direct Factory Outlet. I bought skirt and shorts. ahh, it feels good after long time i didn't do shopping. lol.

Anyway, i'm really looking forward for New Moon. Tomorrow i'll be watching it ! Can't wait. :D


November 20, 2009

(thank) God, it's Friday !

It's friday night ! It supposed to be a 'webcam time' with my bf. But he's away til sunday night. awww !! poor me ;(
Anyway, this afternoon i've just did a marketing presentation with my group. That project has been haunted me from last week. However, it's over now ! not really over actually, still have the next project and i've to prepare for the mid-term tests that will be coming up 2 weeks more. *a lot of stress.

November 19, 2009


Bill (my housemom's friend) gave me and my housemate some gift. 

What's this ?

A ballerina !

Thank u Bill :)


November 17, 2009

A Month

It's been a month since i came here. I realized that the very first week was very very hard. Homesick, stress, and many things happened. It's been a month i didn't meet all my friends, my boyfriends, and my family. I miss them. I'm really looking forward for december, which i can go home and celebrate christmas in indonesia. God, please help me to get through this. :)

Latest news from me :
- my bangs are getting too long and annoying.
- i join the hip hop dance class here. yeayy, so happy because i can still do one of my hobbies here.
- i can do washing ! *really, this is my achievement. lol

Here i am with that annoying bangs


November 13, 2009

I Miss You

I really miss that person in the picture above  so damn much 

*Love You*


November 12, 2009


Just watched 2012 at South Bank cinema. It was insane ! i was almost cried too in some session.
U should watch this ! :)


November 11, 2009

Yummy Pancakes

Went to the city this afternoon with my korean friend, Youjin, and my 'next door' friend, Sintha. She also lives in homestay and it's just across my homestay. lol. Anyway, we ate pancake at the city. it's delicious. but it was too much for me, i couldn't eat all of it. 

Youjin and Me

November 09, 2009


Happy Sweet 17th Melody Yaowita !
My best friend !

I wasn't there (again) for my best friend's birthday :(
wish u more mature
ga suka nangis lagii :p
have a 'good' boyfriend. haha

all the best !


xoxo from OZ !

When we were young. haha

November 08, 2009


My weekend is so boring here. When all people are coming out to the mall and become crowded in Indonesia, people in oz prefer to stay at home or whatever and make the weekend is sooo silent. And u know, i spend my weekend to do my homework ! *miracleee

In order to my boredom, i've decided to take some 'unimportant' pictures. :p

My Parfume. Jean Paul Gaultier :D

Cute bunny from my dad :)

My "precious" that cannot be activated here for some reason. :(

Gifts from my housemom :)

I Hope time will travel faster !

So many homework to do. Gotta go.


November 02, 2009

I Hate Mondays

List why i hate Monday :

*the first day after 2 days holidays.
*have to wake up in the early morning while still in the 'weekend mood'.
*have a full time courses, from 8.30 am til 5.30 pm.
*a big sleeeeepyy day
*don't know why, i just hate MONDAY  and everything seems so wrong in that day !

just another my blabbing. ;p
have a good day everyone !


November 01, 2009

TarzanKU !


Wish u allllll the best !
May God always be with you !

*always be my tarzan, ok ?


Just My Thoughts

Sitting on my chair and seeing my friends' pictures in Indo.
Can't hide this feeling, i really miss them so much. I can't wait to see them again.
Maybe it sounds cheesy, but i can't find another friends like them.
Monica, Melody, Juni, Pichi, Rosa (tarzanKU!), and many more.
Honestly, sometimes i envy them because they can often meet each other. lol. But this is the way i choose and i must do my best.

Moreover, it's hard to have a long distance relationship. But i believe, we can pass all of this hard things, Steven.

I miss my family too ! Miss my sister, Ci Fifi, miss my cousin, Dennis

Here's my message for my fam, my friends, and my bf too !


New Days

It's been 2 weeks since i came here, and a week since i've started to be a college student. The first week was really hard to pass, as u can read on my blog before. But now, i'm getting settled and make new friends. Thank You God, i know You always here beside me everytime. :)
Well, what can i say for this new living. hmm, all of the lecturers are friendly and easy to talk to. But i've already got heaps of homeworks. ;(

Anyway, i got new korean friend. Her name is Youjin. She gave me a necklace for my birthday present.
Thank you :)