August 28, 2009

take a BOW :p

Nothing's new to write. So i decided to write about my handmade thing. I love bows, especially bow headband. Then i started to collect many bow headbands. Thus, we go back to a few months ago..
Someday, i saw my relative's daughter's photos on facebook, her daughter was wearing cute cute cuteee big bow headband. I was wondering where were she bought it. Then i knew her mom made that headbands herself ! So i was thinking to make my own bow headband too, but i didn't know yet how to make it. Unexpectedly, my sister was thinking the same way too for her daughter. So we started to look for the materials to make bows. It's a bit hard to find bows named gross grand (if i didn't spell wrong) here. After we had the materials, we started to make it. It was so hard for me to stitch at the first time, but my sister taught me how to. This is my first handmade bow. I made it about 4-5 months ago, i forgot. My sister gave a big help for this first bow. :p

Since then, i often go to my sister's house for making the bow together. So, these are my own handmade bows. :)

Each bow above have a hair-clip on the back side, so i only have to make 1 headband but many bows i can use : just need to nip the bow on the headband itself. :)
I'm not a good sewer, but the bows are not that bad, huh ?! :p

Sewing needle and friends, some of the materials :)

August 23, 2009

Another Hairdo

Last week, i forget when's the date exactly, i cut my hair. Actually, i was planning to cut my bangs only because it was already too long and almost covered my eyes, but i thought i want a new hairdo ! So i told the hairdresser to chop my hair a bit shorter than before. Err, i felt weird at first with my new hair. What do you think ? 

August 19, 2009


I was really curious with this movie, and finally yesterday i watched it with my bf and my cousin. Like another horror movies, it was shocking. But i think, the movie was a bit similar with Murderer, both of the stories were unpredictable. For horror movies lovers, it was a good movie to watch. Just be ready to be shocked by the sound of that movie. lol :)

August 17, 2009

My Lovely, My Darling, My Baby, My Sweetie :).

I want to introduce my babies at home ( FYI : i have 4 babies, 3 girls and 1 boy ! ) :D. Their names are Buddy, Dotty, Pom-pom, and Mimi. lol. Yes, they are human best friends aka dogs. I already have them since i was about in 6th grade. U know, not only human who has feelings, but so do animals ! My babies have their own characteristic. 

Buddy, she's a bit fierce to new people who come to my house. Maybe that's make her a good house guard. Once, my turtle escaped from the pond, Buddy was barking so loud that made us realized there was something wrong, finally we knew that the turtle was hiding under the car. Even she would bark if she saw a bug !  But still she's a spoiled dog. :D.

Buddy's enjoying the wind :p

Pom-pom, the ONLY male dog at my house, but also, the most coward dog at my house. lol. He's afraid of fireworks and something related to it. He's easily to get jealous, when we're playing with the other dogs, he often running to us and seems like he wants to play too. But he always yields with all the other female dogs at my house. Nice dog, huh. :). 

Pom-pom's running into the camera

Dotty, she's a very calm dog, i mean, she's not that active like the other dogs i have. She's rarely barking, hmm she's barking only when she wants foods or when she's grumbling for Mimi who always disturb her sleep. She really really LOVES fruits and cookies. Her hobbies are eating and sleeping. :p

Dotty with her "cool" face as usual :p

And the last, Mimi, she's the only daughter of Pom-pom and Dotty. She doesn't like to be hugged but she's my favorite dog. She is a bit coquettish with boys ( boys in human i mean ! ). haha. I don't know where she got a character like that. lol.  She loves milk-flavor bones. If we walk into the place where we keep the bones, she will sit and shake her paw to get bone.

Mimi 's munching her milk-flavor bone

Love them muccchhh,



Blame my laziness because i didn't write on my blog for a few days ( a FEW !) :p Hmm okay, FYI, i already got my Mac ! yeayyy. lol. Honestly, i'm still getting used to it because errr.. u know, i'm a bit "out-of-date for technology" ( in indonesian : gaptek !). 
Here's my MacBook White that i chose :)
Me looveeee it ! 

August 07, 2009

Thing ?

One of my friends ever said "Gie, gue rasa u harus k psikolog" when she saw me holding this thing. damn ! haha. My sister also said "serem banged sih brani pegang gtuan". I don't know what happen to me. I think my cousin who loveeeess reptiles (esp. this thing) has influenced me. He live at my house and he has pets, u know, not just like the other people or me who have dogs as pets, he takes care of this thing. At first, i also scared with this thing like certain people do. But dennis (my cousin), taught me which one is the dangerous species and which one is the unpoisonous species. At last, i'm not scare with this thing anymore, even now i like to hold this thing (the unpoisonous one of course !). haha

I think u already know what i mean by "thing" when u see the pictures above. And yes ! it's a snake ! :)

A Day in Bandung "PHOTOS"

Yeayy finally my bf gave me his flash disk which contained the photos in bandung. :D
i won't talk too much here as i already wrote on my last blog.
Here are some of the photos :)
Kawah Putih

Rumah Mode

The Valley

Those photos above just a little part from all the photos that had taken there. :D


Today afternoon, i watched Up 3D with my bf at Blitz megaplex MOI. Not a lot of thing to tell but i just want to discuss about the story. I really really recommended this movie ! At the beginning, maybe it kinda enchanting, but as we go through the movies, it was funny and unpredictable. Things that i can take from the story are don't stuck with your past and let go the things that u have to let go.
Two thumbs Up ! :p

August 06, 2009

Busy Bees

Okay, yesterday was another busy and tiring day. But it wasn't reducing the fun i felt, indeed. :)
In the morning, prisscil came to my house. At that time, we didn't have any plan to go somewhere. Then i thought maybe it would be boring if we just stayed at my house. So we decided to go to Plaza Indonesia at noon. We also invited melody to came with us. While we were waiting for the afternoon, prisscil and me did silly photoshoot with silly pose and wearing silly glasses at the same time. Here's some of our silly photos ( did i say too many silly words ? :p ).

Me wearing a neeerdy glasses :p

At about 12 in the noon, we drove to melody's house to pick her up then went straight to PI, hmm the road was crowded enough, we found a lil traffic near lapangan banteng. Finally, we arrived there, we parked at ex. We also wanted to watch I Love You, Beth Cooper. So, we bought the ticket at PI XXI. We had 1 hour until the cinema's door was opened. And again we did another photoshoot. :p

The time was already 2.30 pm. It was the time to sit and watch the film. :)

And about 1,5 hours the film had finished. hmm, it was a drama comedy and the story was about another geek boy who fell in love with a popular girl at his school. I think it was a good movie and easy to watch. :) no regret to watch it.
After watching movies, we walked a
cross to Grand Indo because prisscil and melody wanted to eat at burger king. And me, just ate the french fries. :p

Then we went to Forever 21. U know what, i found the headband that i'd been looking for for a few months ago ! Me love it. :D
We also tried some clothes and took photos at the fitting room :p

What do you think about the dress ? :D

The time had already 6pm. We drove to Kelapa Gading and dropped by at Cafe du Chocolat. Melody seemed so curious with this cafe, so 2 days ago we decided to drop by to this cafe yesterday. The cafe was selling many kind of chocolate. We ordered strawberry choco and platinum chocolate fondue. The price was a lil bit expensive, but i think it's a nice place just for chillin' out with friends.

At 8 pm, we drove to MAG. We went there just to take a picture at photo box. A lot of photos huh ?! lol. Then prisscil went home with her mom, and i drove melody back to her house.
Sooo tired because i was driving there and there, but as i said before, it wasn't reducing the fun itself. :D

August 04, 2009

Tuesday Arvo :)

This noon, me and 3 of my friends- Monica, Melody, and Prisscil, decided to go to Happy Puppy for karaoke.
Before going to Happy Puppy, Prisscil, Melody, and i was going to MKG. Monica didn't come with us to MKG but we would meet her at Happy Puppy. At about 1 pm, i picked up Melody from her house then went to MKG. Whereas, Prisscil had already waited for us there. Then after we met Prisscil, we accompanied her ate at bakmi GM. Hmm suddenly, i was really craving for my favourite fro yo- Sour Sally. So, we went straight to Sour Sally and i ordered Small Pinklicious with Longan as the topping. :)
This is me with Melody and Prisscil. It was only me who ordered Sour Sally, but i still enjoyed it. :p

Not so long, Monica texted me that she was almost arrived at Happy Puppy. So we drove there. Then we reserved small room and sang ( eventhough i didn't know what people would think about us when they heard our voice from the outside :p ).

Here the picture of us before started to sing. We asked the waitress to take a picture of us :p
From left to right : Melody, Prisscil, Monica, and me :)

We were singing for 2 hours and we felt sooooo hungry. So we ate seafood for dinner at Pondok Pangandaran. Fortunately, the place was near from Happy Puppy because we couldn't resist our stomach anymore. :p

Our "hungry face" because the food was taking too long !

And finally, the food was coming ! We were eating like we'd never eaten seafood before. lol. err.. TOO hungry, u know. :p
It looks delicious, isn't it ?

The food had already done ! We felt so full. haha. Then we went back to our home.
I really love the day when i can spend my whole day with my friends :)


RIP Mbah Surip

My deepest condolence for the singer of "Tak Gendong" -Mbah Surip- who just died at about 10.30 this morning. I think we can say that he is a legend for this country.Actually, i'm not one of his fans, but for me, he was a genius man. He composed unusual songs which can catch up many people's ear.
Hope he will rest in peace.

August 03, 2009

Waterbooooooom !

Yesterday, i went to waterbom PIK with my bf (again) and my cousin. Luckily it wasn't really a hot day as it was already 4 pm when we arrived there.
hmm yaa everybody knows huh what we did in the water park. Swim and Play ! :)
So, not a lot of story to tell.

This is my fav. photos of all which has taken there. I was laughing when i saw my cousin's face on this pic. lol
Well, after that we went to Emporium for dinner, then go home.

A Day in Bandung

On Saturday, August 1st 2009, i went to Bandung with my bf and his friends. I kinda felt nervous because i didn't know them well. There were 7 people who went to Bandung including me and my bf. We were going with my Dad's car. First, my bf came to my house in the dawn about 4 am, then went to one of my bf friend's house to pick them up. hmm we didn't find a lot of traffic jam except at tol Cipularang because there was an accident- a truck crashed a container.
Our first destination was going to Kawah Putih. I've never been there before. When we reached there, the sulphur produced strong suffocating smell. Maybe that's why in the front there was a notification that said if we started to feel dizzy etc, we couldn't be there for more than 20 minutes.
Anyway, we did photo sessions there (of course). :)
After that, we decided to go to Bandung (because Kawah Putih isn't located exactly in Bandung). On the way, a bus brushed against my right car's spy, what a stupid bus driver ! Luckily it's only a car's spy. Back to the story, on the way we didn't find any restaurant, and it's already 12 o'clock. No wonder why everybody was started to get hungry. FINALLY (i caps lock this word because it remind me how happy we were), we found a restaurant, we ate Sunda food. It was very delicious ( i don't know because the foods itselves or because we were too hungry ).
Then, we continued our journey. We tried to find a garage to fix my car's spy glass (i was afraid my Dad would go mad if he knew his car was brushed by the bus). We found the garage but it took 3 hours to fix the spy glass. We thought it was too long !
I decided to call my Dad and told him what was happened. Gosh, my Dad didn't get mad at all because it was only the spy glass. *Thank you Dad.
When we reached Bandung, we were going to Rumah Mode. It was sooo crowded,as usual, and it was hard to find a car park.
We did a lil bit shopping there. For dinner, we were going to The Valley, one of my bf's friend said that people in Bandung pronounced The Valley as "paley kape". :p Oh! before we went there, we were dropping by in Kartika Sari to buy brownies. Anyway at The Valley, we got the outdoor table where we could see the scene of Bandung at night. It was beautiful enough, by the way :) and again we did photo sessions there. hehe.
At 10 pm, we decided to go back to Jakarta. No traffic jam on the way. Everybody was sleeping *except my bf, because he was the driver :p
We arrived Jakarta about 12.30 am. Before my bf and I back to my house, we saw off my bf's friends to one of his friend's house where we picked them up last dawn. After said bye, me and my bf went back to my house. We arrived my house approximately at 1.30 am.

Though i didn't really know my bf's friends well, i was really enjoyed the trip because they could break the ice between me and them, i guess. :p
And oh, for the photos, as it's still on my bf's slr, i can't upload now. But it will be coming up soon. :D

See ya !