September 28, 2009

No More Phobia

Yesterday i went to moi with my bf to watch phobia 2 on blitz megaplex. I heard from a few friends that it was good enough. In fact, it was making me so stress while watching it. Honestly, i often closed my eyes rather than opened it, moreover i thought i was gonna have a heart attack symptom. The best thing when i watched it was when the movie had already over. lol.
 U can call me chicken because of it, i don't care. :p

Anyway, my bf bought me this phone's chain so we have the same. Cute ! :)
thank u hun.

September 26, 2009

In Love with Diana Made My Day

Introduction : 
" So excited ! That's a word that can describe what i feel right now. If u see the title above "in love with diana", i just got a lomo Diana F+ Mr. Pink. I was really really begging to my mom if she could buy me this one, but she refused it. So i decided to save my pocket money to buy it. Unexpectedly, today my mom asked me how much is that lomo when i told her i want to take a look for lomo with my bf and melody, and suddenly she was allowing me to buy it. Yeayyy ! "

Story of the day : 
My plan for today are : taking a look for lomo and watching G-Force with my bf and melody. Finally, i can meet melody after she ruins all the plans since last week because she was sick ! lol. Anyway, we picked melody up in the noon and went straight to Lomography Embassy Store at mayestik. After we reached there, i didn't find the one that i was looking for, but they said the goods will come on october 5th. Okay, i was gonna wait til then. So we went to senci. What we did there was taking a lunch at food court and watching G-Force at the cinema.

The movie was funny. Those guinea pigs are sooooo cute. haha. I enough recommended this movie. :)

Hmm by the way, after that my bf said if i wanted to try to aksara bookstore at kemang to find lomo. Fyi, they also sell lomo there. And true, we found that Diana F+ Mr. pink there ! Happy ! Not thinking too much-brought it into the cashier-paid it ! Done, i have my lomo now ! lol *sorry for acting like a country bumpkin, but i'm too happy for this. :p

Then we had our dinner at BK. Ew, i've been eating BK for these 2 days, think my body is gonna be like a pig. Soo fatty ! :(

Conclusion: Our day ended up with hard rain. How i hate thunder. Anyway, after saw off melody to her house safely, i went home with my bf. I'm sorry, u guys might be tired for accompanying me to there and there. Big thank u.  :D


September 25, 2009

Kinda Miss it

Finally, i met monica, priscil, and rosa today ! kinda miss them :) Monica and prisscil were going to grand indo with me and we would meet rosa there. What we did there were just ate at BK, then walk around for a while.  After met rosa, we went to olala cafe and sat there for chit chat :p. I think it's been a month since i met rosa and prisscil for the last time. U know, their college makes them busy, but luckily we still have a chance to meet. :)
Here's some of our pictures.

Nothing much to tell, just wanna share that i'm glad to spend my spare time with friends.

September 17, 2009

Bandung Agaiinnn :)

Yesterday was fun ! I went to bandung with my bf, juni, monica and her sister. Too bad melody couldn't come with us because she was sick. :(. We departed at about 6.30 am. We didn't get any traffic at all. As a result, we arrived there at 8.30 am. Our first destination was tangkuban perahu. After we bought the ticket to enter tangkuban perahu, we found a really damaged road and i realized that there was another way to go there, so we back down and used the other way. Thank God the road was much better than the other one before ! Finally, we reached there and took pictures ! :p

We didn't spend much time there. After that, we're going to rumah strawberry at lembang. They sell everything about strawberry. yummy. :p. The place was good enough, we sat on "lesehan" and ordered banana fried, strawberry fondue, strawberry juice, and ice cappucino. 

Then we continued our journey. Our next planned was LUNCH ! lol. We ate sunda food in.. err, i forgot the name. Anyway, after lunch we went to the 'distro' at Jl. Riau and Jl. Ciliwung. We were there until the evening. Then we went to Jl. Setiabudi to eat surabi at a place named enhaii. A few hours later we went up to dago for having dinner at congo cafe. 

That was our last destination, then we went back to jakarta at about 8.00 pm and arrived at 10.00 pm.

Thank u guys for the amazingly fun day :)
Love ya !


September 14, 2009

They ARE Special <3

Okay. Maybe it's still too early to say all of this thing.
But I don't know, I've been thinking about this since september came.
I realize I'll leave this country next month and I'll leave all of the things and people I love here.
Since then, I often have my "mellow-feeling" and flash back when I'm still in high school with my best friends.
So I decide to write this message for them. 

Monica : we've already been friends since we were in junior high school and it's already about 4 years. Thus, u'll know how hard not to meet u for a long time since we always meet at school. Thank u for being my best listener and best advicer when I have problems. I'm gonna miss someone who can listen all of my thoughts either it's good or bad like u. :)

Melody : I know I often make fun of u and make u cry or mad at me. I didn't mean to make u feel so. But thank u for being such a patience with me. *lol. And I think I'll never found someone who's having attitudes and the best gossiper like u daii. haha. And how i'm gonna miss to bully u like me, monica, and juni always do . :D

Juni : honestly, u're the one who's often make me shock. U're rarely to give comments, but when u give advice and comments about something, I feel like that's the best one. And sometimes, I also feel up set when I'm talking about something but in the end u don't understand that at all. *lol


I'm glad we can finished our high school and graduate together. I've been having such a precious times with u, guys. I really miss the time when we were falling asleep at class, reading novels at the back, and skipping school together. We were like students who "don't have future at all" . lol.
Now i know why people say "u'll know how special it is, when it's gone". Then, from this time we have to go with our own way, but surely i know we'll always be friends forever ! :)

I can't be a perfect person, but I can be better for all of u. Sorry for the mistakes that I've done to u and make u feel like wanna slap me or something. :p

U all are really made my days !


September 13, 2009

Randomly Happily

Well, i wasn't in the mood to write blog lately. So, let's see what's happened these days.

On thursday, melody and i were having lunch in mcd. That was the first time i ate mcd after the 'throwing-up because of mcd' a few months ago. Then we were watching crossing over at la piazza 21. The movie was quite good and we could catch the point of that movie clearly. and oh, by the way, jim sturgess, one of the actor of crossing over (forgot the name), is really really charming. lol.

What a handsome Jim Sturgess :p

On friday, monica and i went to the summit apartment. I was helping her to do her assignment. After that, we were talking about many stuffs in mkg. :)

And on saturday, i went to grand indo with my bf and watched final destination 4 at PI xxi. The movie was a little bit creepy. U know, watching people's body got cut off or something. lol. fyi, i got a cute bow hairband on Forever 21. happy ! :) I also met melody and her family there. 

I think that's enough for now, i can't resist my eyes anymore, so sleepy. haha

Happy Weekend !

September 06, 2009

Reunion and Stuffs

Yesterday, i was having a reunion with my junior high school friends at mkg. Not everyone was coming. It's been about 2 years i didn't meet all of my junior high school peeps, not a long time though, but it was making me shocked enough to see some of them are changing, physically i mean. :) 
We were just hanging around and having dinner together. 

Happy news, my swollen eye has gone ! hahahahaha *laughing out LOUD. :p

By the way, albert is leaving indo today. So sad. I'm gonna miss him a lot ! Since i'll go to aussie next month, we won't meet until next year when we're coming back here. Double sadness !

September 03, 2009

Meet My Partner in Crime

Today my left eye is still swollen and still really annoyed me. :(
Anyway, this hot wednesday noon, my bff, albert, invited me to go somewhere today before he leaves Indo on sunday. Gosh ! I was so upset because i thought i couldn't go anywhere with eyes like this. hmm but i had an idea ! I asked him if he wanted to meet at cafe du chocolat for sitting and talking all day today. He agreed ! So, i wore my nerdy glasses with forced to cover my swollen eye (it didn't give any effect but not bad, at least i didn't meet many people there). :p
Then i went to cafe du chocolat. I'm so happy to meet him today, because he was busy lately so we didn't have any time to meet. We ordered marshmallow chocolate fondue, dark chocolate therapy, and choco strawberry. haha, a bunch of chocolate, huh ?! :)

We were there for about 2,5 hours. We talked about many stuffs. We flashed back when we were still in junior high school, too bad we were going to different high school thus we were rarely to meet. We remembered many stupid things that we did, that's why i call him my partner in crime. lol. Fyi, me and albert have been friends for 5 years. :)

By the way, there was a stupid accident. While me and albert were taking a picture, we felt the ground was vibrating. For a few second, we didn't realize that there was an earthquake, we were just looking to one another trying to find out what happened to the ground. lol. Then the waitress said " earthquake ! ", and she was running to the outside of the cafe. Me and albert also wanted to go outside, i didn't wanna die with him ! haha, but just before we walked out, albert said "wait, i haven't drunk my milk yet !", then we went outside with albert holding a glass of milk. How stupid. haha. Fortunately, the earthquake was just about 1 minute and everything was back to normal.

Anyway, a few hours later my bf came too. U know, i'm glad if my bf can meet my best friends, just like my bf did to me. :)
After that, me and my bf dropped by to albert's house. Oh ! albert has 2 cute puppies. They are so adorable ! I was playing with his puppies for a while, then we have to say bye.

I wish albert a very good luck for his studies and his life in america. Hope we can, no i mean, we must meet again next year when he's coming back to indo. :)

p.s. And again, there's something wrong with my left eye in the pict of me. Erghh, what a damn swell ! :(

September 02, 2009

What a mellow nite ! haha

Sometimes i feel a bit strange if i remember my past,
i know to be a better person, i shouldn't look back and stuck in my past,
but what if the past which still remains in the corner of ur brain is coming into ur present with sudden ?
Don't u feel like u're forced to remember ur past ?
But it doesn't mean i want to do the same mistake again like i've done in the past. Today, i realize that there's no present if there's no past.

So i want to say a big thank you to the past
You made me knew how it felt to be hurt, but it makes me much much much stronger now.
You taught me how to loved someone deeply, so now i know how to give my deepest love without rewards. 
You made me realize that you are just a little part of my big life, i still have many awesome people surround me, instead ! - my family, my friends, and my special one. :)

And the last, thank you, now i can lock you inside my brain, and i won't open you again forever.

September 01, 2009

Love It or Hate It

Today's pretty great. Why i say 'pretty' not 'very', because : 

1. When i woke up today, i realized my left eye is swollen and it's really annoying !
2.  Me, melody, and monica have planned to go to happy puppy this evening, but when we got there, it was closed !

Anyway, because of the 2nd reason, we decided to go to MKG, but we felt so bored there and as a result, we went to the summit apartment next to MKG. Monica has the key, so we can go inside the apartment. Guess what we were doing there ? We were taking pictures ! lol. Here's some of the pict. Love it :)

After that we ate seafood (again) for dinner then went home. :)

p.s : if u notice the picts of me , u'll know there is something wrong with my left eye. erggh ! Hate it
I think i won't go anywhere until my left eye is back to normal or it'll be going worse :(, or should i wear sunglasses whenever i go out even to the mall ? Err..