May 26, 2010

His Special Day

Miles away from you doesn't make me forget about your special day.
Happy Birthday, Honey. Getting older means getting wiser too ! :D
Love you


May 22, 2010

Youjin's Birthday lunch

Yup, today was youjin's birthday lunch at Makanan Indonesia. haha. Well yeah, i think she really likes indonesian food. Probably. ;p. Nothing much to tell, but it was so fun. :)

silly faces :p
youjin's birthday surprise cake from us :)

Then, me and youjin, yes only two of us left, went to museum and walking around there. hehe.

T-REX YOUJIN. hahaha
hahahhahaha me ;p
i'm so in love with bear <3

And finally, we took a photo box. Unfortunately, it was on japanese language and none of us were understood about that. But anyway, the result is fine :DD

Enjoy your day Youjin ! Happy Birthday once again ! :)


May 19, 2010

10 Happy Things

1. Get around people i love
who doesn't ? :)

2. Get high marks
well, as a result for my studying

3. Dogs.
i looooveeeeeee dogs. what a cute creature ! :)

4. Photography & lomography
capturing things to remember :) and for lomography i'll be sooooo happy if the results are satisfying me. haha

5. Surrounding myself with entertaining books
books are good friends when you have nothing to do

sand, the sound of wave, sunshine, blue sky. Isn't that interesting ?

7. Dance
i'm so into this kind of thing since primary school :)

8. Playing my guitar
especially when i'm able to play my favourite songs. wohooo ! :)

9. Loud music
well.. if you can't scream, let music screams for you. haha

10. Lay down and do nothing.
indulging myself and let my mind and body taking their rests

May 18, 2010

Unexplained Life

Dear life,
In this 17 years, i am living in you. You have given me such experiences how to deal with you. Sometimes, i think i just cannot take it anymore because you are just too hard to face. And again, you teach me how to solve it. Some have done, but some still left behind. Behind my consciousness. I should have known before that things which have not done yet will pressure me in some times ahead and when that times come, it will be too late to be solved. Even you have taught me how to solve those things, i am as a human, there are somethings that i just cannot deal with. I am probably too coward, too scare. And when you remind me about those things again, i cannot do anything. I am surrendered. Yes, for sometimes you are really hard to face. I do not mean to run away but i really do not want to remember. But life, i really hate when it comes with sudden and it disturbs me. I have tried to disguise what i feel, but now i am tired. Please just let me forget about those things. Last but not least, thank you. You tell me the happiness and sorrow that i will face in you. And i am surely will be more prepared if i must deal with the harder you.

Good night :)

May 17, 2010

When Cold Weather Makes My Brain Got Frozen

I'm pretty bored and up set because someone made me so. Well, never mind.

stoopid gangsta' :p

see people ! my retarded bangs. damn

finally, the normal one :p

Essays have been submitted. I can take a rest for a while because there is no other essay to write. :)
BUT, gonna have final exams next month. ahh :(

It's getting colder these days. Well, see you, shorts and tanks.

Gotta go now.


May 15, 2010

Cooking Day

Saturday !!! :D
i went to my friend's house this noon to cook something. She taught me how to cook japanese food, okonomiyaki. It was my first cook (beside indomie of course). Well, it wasn't that bad. hehe.

the "teacher" :p
yeay its done ! not a very good look anyway. but i'm a beginner :p
I should break this smiling egg to make the okonomiyaki :(
silly. :p

I cut my bangs myself few days ago and it turns up to be so shittttt. So well, i'm trying to hide that with nip my bangs to the side, and there you can see my a bit-wide forehead. euwww.

Anyway, have a good weekend guys ! <3


May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Internationally, i'm wishing to every mums in the world,


Especially to my beloved mom :)
Thanks for everything <3

Angie :)


Makanan Indonesia (again) on Sat

Yes. You can see on my last blog that i've been to Makanan Indonesia restaurant before. Last year to be precise. It's located in West End near the city. And i went there with one of my korean friend who was really craving for indonesian food. HAHA

Well, it was hard to reach the restaurant. We just know the address but we didn't know where to get off from the bus. Because the last time i went there was by my friend's car. As a result we decided to walk to find the place, and yeah, we lost. We were back and forth to the same street. How stupid. haha. We didn't give up, even though we saw a delicious pizza bar on the street. :p. So then, we reached there with safe and sound but sweat.

She ordered mie goreng ayam and es kelapa muda. Fyi, she really likes the word ayam so that she wanted to order anything which there is ayam. yeah, weird reason. i know.
And i ordered kwetiau ayam (no, not because i'm crazy about ayam too !!).


May 07, 2010


It's getting cold in here. Eventho' sometimes the sunshine is still so shining.

Anyway, 5 weeks to go to finish my diploma then going home for holiday. Hope i can pass all of the subjects with good marks of course ;D

Gotta go now to catch my bus to go to campus.



May 04, 2010


" Sometimes I just forget how to laugh freely ".

just another night thoughts.
Good Night


May 01, 2010

Date Night

I watched Date Night this noon. I went there after finishing my statistics exam. The exam was a bit confusing, though. Anyhow, i was simply going there to refresh my mind. The movie was funny and very entertaining. You should watch it ! :). Then, i'm gonna lock myself up in my room to do the essay tomorrow, which is on sunday, i repeat, on SUNDAY !

Hey, it's May already. The fifth month of the year. I guess time flies so fast lately. It's like i just woke up in the morning, then suddenly i have to go to bed again. Even sometimes i don't feel like sleeping at the night, and it makes me restless.

And one thing, this month is gonna be a busy month, such as due date of all of the essays and i have to do the University thingy for July. Yes, i'm gonna do my second year in Uni on July as i'll be graduated from Diploma on June ! wohooo :D

I start this May by watching Date Night, not a bad start isn't it ? :p well, hope everything is going well this month.

*see something different on my post ? yeah colorful. haha No purpose actually.