August 29, 2010


Another roll of my lomo. Another trial and error. *sigh*

my bf funny face hahaha :p

another burnt pict


People Changes. Am i ?

Randomly looking on their facebook profiles. And realize that people do change. I'd admit that sometimes i'm just afraid of changes. Unexpected things that could change a whole life. It's like we are just started to live our own life. I miss those old good times. :)

some random capture of myself with self timer. :p

Anyway, it's almost at the end of August. And i'm gonna face mid exam next week. Argh. I really don't have any ideas about those subjects whatsoever. Hope i'll do well, just like before.


August 22, 2010


Who said university life is fun ? Well, it's hectic. Even though i've been struggling with it for almost one year, i still cant get used to it. Blah ! Anyway, i don't do much "activities" with my camera lately. I just don't have time to hunt some nice places and objects due to loads of assignments. :(

These are only some random snap shoots from random places.

These 2 pictures i got from Ekka Brisbane Festival

Newfarm Park, Brisbane

and finally, me. taken by my friend

One more thing, i'm really waiting for october - which is my birthday - then i'm gonna be 18. So i AM ABLE to activate and use my blackberry here (since it should be 18 in AU to purchase a plan for some kind of blackberry or iphone). ergh.


August 08, 2010

Such a LDR

I miss you so much. I'm waiting for the time to go back home to meet you. Even just for a few months. No matter how far the distance separate us, thank you for always being there for me through the good and bad times. :)